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Spygadets4sale offers a safe environment to purchase and learn more about spygear products. Our goal is to help our customers by providing helpful articles and insight into spygear, surveillance and security related topics whereby these covert spy gadgets and surveillance devices are often deployed to achieve specific intelligence objectives.
  • Obtain information covertly using surveillance gear for investigative purposes
  • Collect information (intelligence) for legal purposes
  • Biometric products to protect and secure computer stored data or information from identity thieves
  • Are you concerned about possible trust issues, a GSP tracker might be useful
  • Do you believe someone is spying on you? Check out our anti spy gadgets
  • Decoy Spygadgets watch over your children while in care of babysitter or nanny
  • Are you a CEO, Congressman, Lawyer, etc and require secure communications, perhaps using a secure smartphone scrambler might be necessary
If you are concerned or suspect your privacy or security has been compromised, visit our product section devoted to detecting audio spy bug transmitters or hidden spy camers. We also provide countersurveillance gear which are designed to detect audio transmitters or hidden in cameras. Some anti spy gadgets will vibrate silently in your pocket upon detection of audio spy bug RF transmission devices.  Keep your business conversations private by deploying latest smart phone scrambler technology. Secure and dependable communications has never been more important. Do not allow your privacy to be compromised by getting caught by a hidden spycamera or someone monitoring your smart phone conversations.

We also carry Decoy surveillance gear products with hidden spycameras inside of clocks or wall paintings. These are great surveillance products for watching your home, office or business inconspicuously.

Double click product category icons above to order your high-tech spygear now. We also provide articles related to spygadgets and security topics. If you are ordering GSM audio devices we recommend reading our article on understanding GSM frequencies. When you purchase spy gear or surveillance products we understand you may want your products shipped discreetly. Therefore, all spygear and surveillance gear products are shipped to allow for maximum privacy when received. We will not ship your package containing labels or words associated with spying, spy camera or any dertitivite of the word spy. This we can guarantee. Our motto is: Customer Privacy.  We can provide tools, but it's your mission!

Security Equipment:
SpyGadgets4Sale offers an excellent selection of bio metric fingerprint security gear designed to protect your personal data, information or personal files. For business people, lawyers or diplomats, we offer latest cell phone telephone scrambler units to help secure sensitive communications. Do not let your smart phone out smart you!

Computer Security Products:
Did you know data on your lost USB flash disk is a potential gold mine for identify thieves? If your USB flash disk is lost or stolen and is not secure an identity thief can use your personal or private information to secure credit cards and even bank accounts in your name. Do you store Microsoft Word or Excel documents with your name or address on them or, company data on your flash disk? If so, you can be compromised by an identity thief. Click here to read our article entitled, "Biometric Technology Role in Data Protection".

Home SecurityGear:
Are you concerned about your home or office security? We have security cameras which operate using infrared night-vision technology. This is similar technology used by military for rocket guidance systems. These high-tech security cameras are small and easy to install.

The Business:
The spy business thrives on collection of information or intelligence collected by using spygadgets or surveillance gear. Sometimes using spygear can give you an edge and perhaps even a power position you need to effectively negotiate.

We offer GSM transmitters (GSM audio spy bugs) and UHF transmitters which can monitor conversations miles away. Don't worry, if you are concerned about others using spygear against you, we also offer counter surveillance gear which will silently alert you, if you are being monitored by radio frequency RF bugging devices or other types of surveillance gear.

Hidden Spy Cameras, Bugging Gear & GPS Trackers:
Our product selection includes latest high-tech spy gear, hidden spy cameras, audio bugging gear, surveillance gear and GPS trackers to aide in your information gathering quest. Some of our GPS products are portable and can even be worn as a wrist watch. If you need a GPS tracker, we have it! You can amaze your friends with special 007 super-agent high-tech hidden spy cameras or spygadgets. Always remember spygear products are not toys. These products are sophisticated high-tech devices and should not be used by underage children.

The goal at SpyGadgets4Sale.com is to provide a safe and secure environment whereby our customers can purchase latest high tech spy gadgets or surveillance gear to assist in achieving your intelligence gathering objectives.

SpyGadgets4Sale, "When you Need to Know the Truth!"

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