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Date: 30th September, 2011

For Immediate Release Offers Unique USB Flash Drive Protect Data from Unauthorized Access offers a Fingerprint lock security USB Thumbnail Flash Drive whereby owner can safely and securely store personal or business data knowing if the drive is misplace, lost or stolen data on drive can only be accessible via owner’s finger print or Bio Metric Signature. "If flash drive is lost in a coffee bar, cab or airport at minimum owner has comfort confidential data is secure. Perhaps a Good Samaritan will find the USB flash drive and return back to rightful owner,"  after examining contents of drive for an e-mail, or street address of owner.

The USB Fingerprint Lock Flash Drive is a next generation high-tech storage device which is compact, portable and bio metrically secured by owner’s unique fingerprint. This USB Flash Disk has a storage capacity of 8-16 Giga Bytes.  Once encoded with owner’s fingerprint all data is protected through an advance strong encryption algorithm. Therefore and files and folders have maximum bio metric security protection based on owner’s unique fingerprint.

In addition if USB storage device is plugin into any computer a login screen will appear requesting a user password for access. Businesses sometimes allow employees to store business data on USB flash drives to allow easy access when outside the office. Again, if USB drive is lost or stolen all data is safely secured a totally inaccessible.

Seeing people using laptops at coffee cafes with USB flash drives plugged in has become the norm.  Too frequently little regard is paid to privacy concerns or to a "what if scenario". For example what if USB storage device was lost which contained proprietary, highly confidential, personal or business information. SpyGadgets4Sale has solutions to help people protect their personal data and privacy.  USB Flash drives have become a popular fixture in today computer age.

As these compact storage devices popularity has increased, so have incidents of flash drives being lost and even stolen. Many devices hold volumes of personal, business, corporate and even government data which can be compromised. In this technological information-age vigilance in securing privacy of data store on computers or other storage mediums is paramount. offers solutions and has great selections of high-tech security and investigate gear. Comments are welcome. Leave a comment and recieve 5% off your purchase. Do not wait until the unthinkable happens whether through accident or thief of personal, private data. The damage might be as catastrophic as having a car accident without proper insurance. Why potentially lose a friend, job or career over lost or compromised data stored on a USB Flash Drive.