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Pratical Applications of Biometric Security

Practical Applications of Biometric Security 

The holiday season are upon us and many people will be traveling and busy packing their luggage in preparation to face the gauntlet of tight airport or other transportation security measures which are necessary in a post 911 era.Most people come prepared to face long lines, body scanners and sometimes seemingly intrusive body searches. Your luggage gets inspected as a matter of due procedure.

Just as we accept these security measures taken by the security apparatus, there are also practical and proactive ways to protect important travel documents or personal belongings while traveling during the holiday season.Biometrics is a growing technology whereby property, data or personal effects can be protected using a person’s unique biological identity.

Biometrics:  The process by which a person's unique physical and other biological attributes are detected and recorded by an electronic device or system as a means of confirming ones identity with great accuracy.

Most common biological attributes used are fingerprints and iris scanning methods.  Every person has a unique set of fingerprints and iris attributes which can be used to either identify a person or used in the application of biometric security devices.

Biometric fingerprint security has practical applications which can be used to help protect security or privacy concerns on a personal level.
For example, fingerprint scanners and locking systems are designed to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data or information.  In today’s high-tech society USB devices are becoming more and more common place and prevalent. People often travel and carry small flash disk which can contain volumes of personal, private or confidential information. Imagine you are at a busy airport working on your laptop with your flash disk attached tying to finish a report. Then after boarding the plane you realize you lost your flash disk.  If the disk was lost or fell into wrong hands your identity could be compromised and used to engage in identity thief.  Having a biometric secure flash disk can prevent unauthorized access to the data and thereby protecting your personal data.

Computer Security Fingerprint Scanners can also be used to secure your personal laptop or PC thereby preventing unauthorized access to your computer system without your unique fingerprint. Passwords are great, but using biometric fingerprint technology alleviates the necessity to remember all those passwords.  By using your unique fingerprint you can easily access stored computer data.

Though the term biometric technology may sound complicated and intimidating, in principal, applications of the technology are simple and very practical. One need not understand all the technical jargon to understand how to apply their fingerprint to a device to gain access.

Protecting data or personal information is often left up to the individual. This would preclude governments or corporate organizations which are mandated or required to protect your personal information like credit cards, insurance or other information held in huge computer data banks.
Without involving too much complication one can protect their laptop, USB flash disk and even their luggage by means of biometric technology. One does not need to understand the laws of electricity or how electrons interact to form an electric current to know how to flip a switch to turn on lights in their home.  The same basic ideal applies to using biometrics to protect your data or personal effects.

Admittedly, there are some aspects of biometric applications which are quite complicated to understand and to employ. However, above applications of biometric technology discussed are practical ,convenient and – sometimes – necessary safely measures needed to protect oneself from embarrassment or even identity thief.

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