Security Equipment to Protect Your Familiy

Should You Use Spying Gear to Protect Your Family

In today’s post 911 era personal security has never been more important, especially when it comes to protecting ones family. Western governments spend billions of dollars implementing all kinds of surveillance cameras and spying apparatuses all in the name of protecting its citizens.  Did you know in some states police now carry OCR cameras taking random photos of drivers’ license plates and running them against a huge data base? Whether we like it or not surveillance cameras are here to stay and have intruded into every area of our life.

Some would argue why we need spy gadgets when they are used to sneak around or used by spies. Not necessarily true. Yes, governments implement and deploy spying devices and yes people do use spying gear to do harm.  Then again a hammer can be used to build a house or it can be used as a weapon. Do you blame to tool?

Now, governments do not operate on trust when it comes to protecting its citizens; therefore, why should you operate by trust when entrusting your children or loved ones into hands of people of whom you may or may not know.  You have smaller children; you’re working 10 hour shifts just trying to take care of your family. Sometimes you have little choice, but to leave children alone at home with a baby sitter or nanny.

Have you ever been curious or wondered what is actually happening in your home while you’re always at work?  Are your children or loved ones truly being cared for like you would or intended? The truth is no one cares more about your children than you (their parents).

Therefore, tiny spy cameras hidden inside otherwise every day innocuous objects is a way to watch over and protect your family.  Would this not give you peace of mind while you’re away?

Most of time parents leave their kids in hands of baby sitters or nannies with no incidents, but of course we have all heard of those horror stories which unfortunately are becoming more and more frequent.  Therefore, the question becomes, are you willing to take the risk.

Most USA States demand you buy car insurance. Why? Just in case the unthinkable happens. Some people are fortunate and can drive years without ever having an accident, but it is a numbers game of  probability. So, we are compelled to spend money – sometimes nominal amounts – to buy car insurance.  You might be a safe driver, but you cannot control the actions of others.  So, we are compelled to spend money – sometimes nominal amounts – to buy car insurance.  You might be a safe driver, but you cannot control the actions of others.

Your family and children are a treasure to be protected and cherished. You cannot necessary depend on other people or even the government to protect them. And yes the unexpected can and does happen. Why not be prepared and be safe. The technologies (i.e. spying cameras) are available to help when used correctly. I cannot stress this later point.

If surveillance cameras are good enough for governments to deploy in their efforts protecting their citizens, the same spying gear is most certainly good enough to watch and protect your family, but in your control. Why wait until the unthinkable happens to then act. What is the potential cost?

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