Wireless RF Bug Spy Hidden Camera Detector
Wireless RF Bug Spy Hidden Camera Detector
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Wireless Bug Spy and Hidden Camera Detector

Do you want to know who is monitoring you when you in the hotel, office, car, wash room and other places of privacy? Are you concerned you are under surveillance? This wireless Bug and Hidden Camera Detector can easily find wireless and wired cameras, RF Bugging Transmitters, GPS trackers, or jammers, etc.
Main Features
- Various effective measures for counter investigation:
- Option A: intense red laser lights to expose all kinds of hidden cameras both wired and wireless.
- Option B: wireless detection to expose wireless covert equipments including wireless camera, bug,
- GPS tracker, mobile phones, jammers long range frequencies between 1MHz to 6.5GHz.
- Suspected objects can be traced out by rating signal LED lights flash gradually.
- Built-in rechargeable Li-battery can ensure a non-stopping detection for 5 hours

- Wireless detecting range: 1MHz - 6.5GHz
- Dimension: 65mm(L) x 48mm(W) x 15mm(D)
- Antenna spec: 123mm long
- Power voltage/inputting current: DC 5V/100mA
- Battery: Built-in rechargeable Li-battery, 3.7V/500mA

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