Anti Surveillance Camera Detector
Anti Surveillance Camera Detector
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Countermeansure Spy Camera Detector
Don't Get Caught on Candid Camera!!

This is a highly effective, practical countermeasure device used to detect hidden spy camera intruding on your privacy. By activating this compact box, simply peer through the viewing window in order to see a reflection from the iris of any spy cameras enabling easy identification. There are 5 different flashing frequencies of the ultra-bright LEDs, which will allow you to easily and effortlessly locate even the smallest of spy cameras with a quick sweep of the room. This simple yet incredibly effective countermeasure device might just save your bacon. Eliminate the paranoia that comes from living in today's constant surveillance society.


  • Powerful spy camera detection device
  • Ideal for those who value their privacy and to prevent intrusive filming of your activities
  • Lightweight, easy to use and extremely effective
Manufacturer Specifications:

  • Product Description: Anti-Surveillance Camera Detector
  • 6 Ultra Bright Red LED's
  • 5 Flashing Frequencies
  • Power Source: Internal Li Ion Battery, 5 VDC Charging
  • Dimensions: 62x48x9mm (LxWxD)

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