Wireless Bug Detector Frequency Counter
Wireless Bug Detector Frequency Counter
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In case you are searching for an affordable, anti-spy wireless bug detector, look no further than the 9-Digit LCD Display Portable Frequency Counter.  This anti surveillance bug / transmitter detector can efficiently detect illegal surveillance and monitoring by detecting their frequencies. It enables you to view the strength of the signal coming from potential bugging transmitters through digital display which is  just below the frequency reading on the LCD screen. The Anti-Spy Bug Detector can help improve your personal and home security.

Ability to detects both analog and digital signals
Large LCD display of 9 digits
Extensive scanning range: 10Hz-100MHz  and 50MHz-2.6GHz
Supports the measuring and saving of up to 50 display readings
Low battery indicator light
Equipped with UV antenna and USB power adapter
Ideal for radio frequency measurement, personal  or home security and test applications

Manufacturer Specifications:
Frequency range: 50MHz-2.6GHz  and 10Hz-10MHz
Impedance: 50 ohm VSWR<2:1 and 1Meg ohm 30pF
Sensitivity: <5mV@100MHz  <30mV@10Hz-50MHz
<5mV@400MHz  <15mV@1GHz   <35mV@50MHz-100Mhz
Gate:  0.1ms / 0.1s/ 1s      
Time base: <+/-5ppm
LSD: 1HZ/1s(10Hz-100MHz)
100HZ/1s(50MHz-2.6GHz )
Battery :3 x AAA Ni-MH rechargeable battery (not included)
Power : DC5V 1A
Antenna: UHF type
Size: 85mm x 55 mm x 24 mm
Feature: RF single strength(50MHz~2.6GHz )/  Screen Holding /Save /View /Battery Indicator

Package Includes:
1x Bug and Camera Detector
1x Antenna
1x Power Adapter
1x User Manual

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