Hidden Ear Piece
Hidden Earpiece

This is a Mini Bluetooth wireless with covert ear piece gadget. Used by reporters, journalist, investigators, etc., Great for listening to your favorite Mp3 music.

Manufacture Specifications:

  • Mini Spy Earphone: Wireless Hidden Cell Phone Earpiece
  • Compatibility: The earphone, together with  inductive loop works with mobile/ smart phones and radio type telephones to enable two-way communication
  • Can be used to play sound using any portable sound player: mp3 player or Dictaphone
  •  Size: 5x7x10mm
  • Battery Life : 15h
  • Interference: <2%
  • Receiver type: magnetic/analogue
  • Maximum volume: 110dB
  • Battery Type: sr416sw/337
Package Contents:
Listening Earpiece
Earphone Battery

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