Military Grade Signal  & Cellphone Detector
Military Grade Signal  & Cellphone Detector
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Quality professional counter-surveillance RF audio transmitter signal with cellphone key detector and conduct your business meetings with confidence knowing your security has not been compromised by your competitors or enemies seeking to gain access to your privileged or private communications/intelligence.

Keep secret business negotiations or contract signing negotiations by exposing wireless tapping or eavesdropping devices before you conduct your meetings:

1. Check for possible wireless cameras in the restaurants, hotels, public toilets, swimming pools, dressing room, etc.;
2. Protect Military, Embassy or government buildings confidentiality
3. Avoid being photographed in companies, factories, cinemas or art galleries
4. To protect personal privacy in the private spaces (Such as home)
Technical Specification:
Detecting frequency range: 20-5000MHz Detection sensitivity:-70dBm
Interference frequency: GSM 900/CDMA 850/GSM 1800&1900/3G 2100
Interference Range: 10M Working Mode: 6 types
Size: 136*80*25mm Device weight: 145g
Advantage and Feature:
•             High precisely to locate the wireless signal source
•             Working with selectable six types of working modes 
               Silent Mode, Sound Mode, Vibration Mode,Cellphone Locking Mode
               Acoustic Mode and  Guard Mode
•             Locking all the phones calling in or calling out or sending SMS
•             Headphone port design to make detection in any kind of environment
              volume adjustable as required
•             Highly portable and light weight of 145g.
•             Internal built-in Li battery at least working 1 hour
•             Easy to change the battery charging while working

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