Smart Phone Tracker

Decoy Office Smoke Alarm

Smoke Alarm with Hidden Camera
Great for Office or Home Security!

This surveillance product will allow you to monitor your office or home environment discreetly. Hidden inside this decoy smoke alarm, is tiny HD 720P camera which is cable of taking both video and photos using compact remote control device with an operational distance within 100 feet. Device also has internal battery so no need to extra wires and connections to DVR systems. Just insert your 32 GB Micro SD card to store photos or videos captured by device within targeted environment.

This is a great surveillance product  listed in "Decoys" Section for home or office security

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GSM Spy Bug

GSM Audio Spy Bug

This two-way GSM audio spy device calls you from anywhere in the world when it detects sounds around its vicinity. Simply insert a GSM SIM card and set it to your desired phone number for call back and start spy your office or home from anywhere in the world!

Trying to find out the truth of what you are said behind you? Now you can, from anywhere in the world. Just insert a GSM SIM card into the audio spy device, send a text message contains the activation word, (GDA), by your mobile phone, and then your bug is active and takes action!

Note: Check your GSM frequencies within your local where device is being used. Insert your Micro SD Card and included Blank SIM card for immediate operation. Later purchase GSM SIM Card to activate (use) all telephone calling features. USA customers contact T Mobile Service provider  to secure GSM SIM cards

Product Notes:
Standby time: 48-60 hours.
Talking time: 1-1.5 hours.


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Smart Phone Tracker
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Cell Phone Tracker - Remotely View TXT Messages, Emails, &  GPS Locations
Cell Phone Tracker provides a comprehensive information gathering and tracking solution allowing you to see where your employees, spouses or children are.  Monitoring is done from you PC Desktop with internet connection. Not only can you see where they are, you can also see numbers are dialed in or out, text messages sent or received and emails are sent or received. The tracker also keeps a historical data base for future records. The tracker can also be used via your mobile phone with Wi-Fi internet connection.
  • Easy to install monitoring code
  • Secure online control panel
  • Completely confidential monitoring
  • 5 year unlimited data logging
  • 5 year unlimited storage
Product Monitoring Features:
  • Incoming / Outgoing SMS Messages
  • Incoming / Outgoing & Missed Call Log
  • Incoming / Outgoing Emails
  • GPS Location - Every 15 Minutes

This Cell Phone Tracker is compatible with most smart phones, including phones using the following operating systems:
  • Symbian OS 9.x
  • Symbian OS 8.x
  • Windows Mobile 6.x
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Note: Not compatible with IPhones Models
Simple to install - Take phone you wish to monitor and visit web page as provided in your package
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