Portable Waterproof GPS Tracker
Portable Waterproof GPS Tracker
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Provides real time tracking, real-time Location Monitoring device. It can get detail position in 1st to 10 seconds, and dynamic display the target location. Real-time tracking track playback: the speed trajectory color-coded to show stop, display track mileage. With a very low power consumption.  Build-in GPS Vehicles locator and Excellent for fixing the position even at a weak signal status. Owns auto theft tracking function that can track your car automatically! It is suitable for private vehicles, enterprises and institutions, leasing companies, bus companies, rental companies, passenger transport companies, logistics convoy cars, ambulances, operating vehicles, engineering vehicles, special vehicles, ships and offshore.

Main Features:

    - Computer positioning
    - Trajectory queries
    - Electronic fence
    - Cell Phone Lookup
    - SMS positioning
    - Waterproof and dustproof
    - Car alarm feature
    - Map features

    Material: PVC
    Memory: 256 (M)
    GPS Positioning Accuracy : 5-15 (meters)
    Battery life: 72 (hours)
    Antenna Type: Built-in
    External Power Supply: External car battery
    Interface Languages Includes English
    Resolution: 1280
    Main Functions:

    - Smart Start GPS positioning
    - Automatic fault recovery
    - Built-in switching power supply
    - Newsletter modify mode, four operating modes selectable
    - Easy to install
    - Receive instructions via SMS
    - GPS positioning time can be set
    - Three-color LED status display
    - Password settings, only those with the password can modify positioning parameters
    - By return SMS location data, Google MAP manual queries


    - GPS Tracker
    -  Power Cable

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