Global Mini GPS Tracker
Global Mini GPS Tracker

Product Overview

New Mini Global GPS Tracker for everyone,your wife, your kids, your pet, your gold stash and everything else. With compact design, convenient SMS functions and the latest in GPS tracking technology.

Easy to use: All you need is a working SIM card to insert into the unit, charge the battery, and you are ready to go. With Quad-Band GSM connectivity, it works anywhere in the world.

  • Outdoor sports and recreation: Hiking, biking, skiing, mountaineering, etc,
  • Surveillance: Secretly put it with a person, or his belonging, and you can monitoring where they are going
  • SOS button: It sends "Help ME" and location of the tracker to all authorized numbers.
  • Geo-fencing control - When the tracker moves in/out the preset scope, it will send an SMS alarm to the authorized phone number.
  • GPRS: With a GPRS enabled SIM card
Product Notes
  • Compact, easy to carry, and comes with a magnetic battery cover to attach to any steel object
  • This product requires a GSM SIM Card
  • Check GSM Frequency Map Here
  • Can send GPS information by SMS on demand or periodically within a time frame
  • The unit has a built-in mic and can be used as a "silent listener" without letting the carrier know that his/her conversation or activities are been listened
  • Comes with detailed instructions on how to work with GPRS enabled SIM and setup internet monitoring (fixed IP only), so constant tracking information can be displayed on a detailed map.
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