GSM Transmitter with Earpiece
 Mini Earpiece GSM Module Transmitter

Covert SpyGadget Transmitter Dual Voice with Mini Earpiece

This is a dual two ay voice hands free talking GSM Transmitter which is a high tech electronic gadget. This high tech spygadget can be used as a voice broadcaster in meetings,conferences, lectures, etc. Unlike most hands free earpiece transmitters, once phone call (i.e. to device) and SIM card number is fully installed, user can speak and listen to person who has called. That’s the reason why it is called a dual way communication. Note: The user can receive call from the caller but can’t call out.

It has a dual battery of 400mAh or 600mAha. The 400mAh battery working hours is 4-5 hours while 600mAh battery operates for about 5-7 hours. Standby time is 15 days. Other power specifications are: Voltage of 3.4-4.5V, Current is 200M and 1MA Standby current. It also has a compatible Earpiece of 218,305.  Audio gadgets is portable gadget and can be comfortably placed under the collar with microphone on top side.


Can receive the call from the caller but can’t call out
Connect it to your cell phone charger or PC USB port for changing via USB cable
Press voice button to adjust the volume, three level (large, middle, small)
After installation finished calls the SIM card number, you can listen and speak.

Manufacturer Specifications:

GSM Bands: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
USA Requires: T Mobile or AT&T GSM SIM Card
Check Local Telcom Service Provider for Specifics 
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Max transfer power:GSM900 Class4 2w,DSC1800 Class1 1W
Sensitive -102dBm
Dual battery,600mAh
Working time:400mAh working 4-5 hours,600mAh working 5-7 hours。
Standby time
Volume: 3 level adjust
Working temperature: -25degree - +70degree
Voltage: 3.4-4.5V
Current: 200MA
Standby current
Compatible Earpiece: 218,305

Package Includes:   

1x Mini earpiece with battery 2 pcs 337
1x  GSM module
1x  User Manual

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