Anti-Tracking Spy Sun Glasses
Anti Track Spy SunGlasses

Anti-Tracking Spy Sun Glasses

Are you having a hard time knowing what's going on behind you while riding a bike or motorcycle? Have you ever thought you were followed and would like to know who that person might be? Then what you need is Anti-tracking  Spy Camera Sunglasses UV Protection These Sunglasses allow you to see what is going on behind you within 15 degree observational angle view, while still looking ahead.

Dimensions: 14 cm (Length) Approved: CE / FCC

Anti-tracking Rear View Monitoring UV protection Sunglasses
Manufacturer Specifications:
Main Function: Spy camera
Observed angle: 15°
Lens Size: 2.04"*1.18"(W*H)
Color: Black
Package Contains:
1 x Anti-tracking Rear View Monitoring UV protection Sunglasses
1 x Glasses Case

No more turning around at every corner checking behind your back!

Purcahse your Anti Spy Sunglasses Today and Always no who is behind you!

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