Bug and Camera Detector
Anti-Spy Full Band Audio Bug  and Camera Detector

Audio Bug and Camera Detector

  • Spy Camera Detector
  • Full Band Detection Range: 1 MHz ~ 605 GHz
  • Combination of Active Laser Scanning and Passive Scanning 
  • Perfect for Protecting Personal Privacy

Manufacturer Specifications:

Detection Frequency: 1 MHz ~ 605 GHz
Display: LED 

Detection Mode:
1, Laser Probe; 
2, Vibration (silent) Probe
3, Beep Detection; 
4, LED Display
5, Headphone Mute Detection

Laser Detection Range: 10cm ~ 10m (visually recognizable red light flashing)
Radio Detection Range: 5cm ~ 10m  
Probe Laser Wave Length: 920 nm
Port: for charging
Button: on/off; volume shock +/-; mode 
Power Voltage: 5V
Power Source: built-in 450 mAh Lithium Polymer Battery
Power Consumption: 8 mh
Power Differs with the detection range:
 30 ~ 50 cm: 500mw - 200mw
 100 ~ 200 cm: 300mw - 600mw 
 300cm ~ 1000 cm: 800mw - 1200mw 
Dimension: 93 x 48 x 17 mm

1 x Anti-Spy Full Band Detector Bug Detection Camera
1 x English User Manual

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