Audio FM Bug Transmitter
007 spygadget audio bug

007 Covert Mini FM Bugging  Transmitter
Product Features:
  • Mini transmitter
  • Very high sensitivity can detect footsteps in quiet room
  • Uses wire as the antenna
  • Note: Adjust Antenna length according environment
  • Adjust frequency using green adjustable capacitor in the middle board
  • Working Voltage: 1.2V~9V
  • Working current: 3mA~1.2V,25mA~9V
  • 9V battery can broadcast 100hours Note:(Battery not included)
  • Broadcast frequency rang:60MHZ~128MHZ(Frequency adjustable)
  • Before shipping mini transmitter has been adjusted to frequency around 100mhz
Package Includes:

1X Mini FM Transmitter
Please use responsibly
Product for educational purposes
Allow up to 4 Weeks for Delivery

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