Wireless Telephone Monitoring System
Wireless Telephone Monitoring System
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The GM009 professional wireless audio monitor is the newest product of GM series, which has own unique design and uses leading-edge devices. With the help of two receive channels; the GM009 can match with varieties of monitor heads. It has characteristics as clear sound, far distance, small size and perfect functions. The GM009 is applicable to scene monitor and wireless audio transmission, such as Security Monitoring System, hidden interview, audio-visual education, tourism, etc.

Technical Parameters and Functions

1. Receiving equipment: Two receiving channels, A and B which is for broadband. The receiving equipment uses a high energy Lithium battery, 800mA/h, and has audio output jack and headset jack. There is a tuning knob on the top which is used for different monitor heads. VOL.:90×57x23mm

2.Mini long-distance monitor head: When it works, please turn on channel A, and the longest distant can be as far as 2800m in the open. The Lithium battery inside enable it to work about 12h. It is convenient work in a Security Monitoring System to have jack (3.5mm) of 12V DC Fixed transmission frequency. VOL.:50×33x20mm

3. Mini monitor head: When it works, please turn on channel B, and the longest distant can be as far as 500m in the open. Above 36 hours’ work time (even 86 hours, but according to the conditions), because it use a CR2032 high-quality lithium-ion button battery. VOL.:25×22xl3mm

4. Phone box monitor head: It is a patch in the standard 48V or 50V DC power feed switch system telephone line monitoring device. No battery and with the use of channel B, somebody can monitor indoor dynamic from 300 meters away. The monitor head will work to monitor telephone conversations automatically, when installed correctly. It is very suitable for families, hotels, offices, etc. for all-weather monitoring. Appearance: ordinary telephone box(55×40x24mm).

5. All directions of sound pick up is about 12dB. Differentiate rate is high within 100 square meters. It is excellent for using to achieve very good sound sub-braid rate, in the relative calm of the field.

Important Note: We highly reccomend your reading the instructions concerning this device posted on our Word Press Blog.  Double Click on Blue Link "Word Press Blog"

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