Telephone Scrambler 2 Units
Telephone Scrambler 2 Units
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Telephone Scrambler

New GenerationTelephone Scrambler Set with Built-In Digital Audio Recorder

Up until recently high grade telephone voice scrambler were expensive and bulky but, the new portable telephone scrambler is a new revolution in telephone security that is simple and easy to use.

This telephone scrambler device is a high grade high security set of portable telephone scramblers that will work on both digital and analog telephone systems that will scramble your telephone conversation between two parties keeping your conversation totally private and secure. The system requires two (2) units to work and is computer chip driven. Both units also have built in digital audio recorders.

Easy to use: Simply plug telephone scrambler unit into the handset of your telephone hit a button and you are totally secure.

• Scramble Method: Analog Scrambler
• Stnamic Scrambling: 1-10 Seconds
• Security Key Exchange: Automatically updated by random number generator for every call
• Two(2) units are required
• Analog Phones, Digital Phones, Internet Phones, VolP and PSTN

 Telephone Phone Scramblers: (2) units included

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