Audio Bug Transmitter
Audio Bug Transmitter
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1. Built in high sensitive Knowles Microphone
2. Built in 3V CR2032 Li-ion socket
3. Approximately 500 ft UHF transmission range
4. Built in Antenna


1.Output power: +3 dBm
2.Battery: 3Vdc CR2032
3.Working time: about 36 hours
4.Antenna Length: 50 mm
5.Transmitted range: 100m-200m
6.Frequency: 433Mhz +/- 3MHz
7.Modulation: WFM
8.Microphone: Internal (Knowles microphone)
9.Weight: 10g(include battery)
Package Contents:
1. UHF Audio Transmitter
2. Antenna
3. Battery
Basic Instructions:
  • Install batteries into transmitter
  • Radio scanner or UHF receiver is required to receive transmitter signal. If you need a receiver, click link here to add to cart. UHF Receiver
  • Do not use device past 500 feet
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