Micro Button Spy Camera Video Camcorder

Monitor Target Area 24 Hours a Day

Today, most people have a variety of power adapters and chargers plugged into nearly every electrical outlet. No one will look twice at what appears to be a standard AC adapter. This is a great surveillance product for home or office security.

This High Tech AC Charger HD Camera Power Adapter has a built-in Night Vision video camera which allows device to record and monitor room security while your away day or night. This surveillance gadget is a working Power Adapter with a tiny built-in video camera. No need to worry about charging battery while AC Charger is plugged in!

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GSM Audio Bug Spy

GSM Audio Spy Bug Works in North America

This two-way GSM audio spy device calls you from anywhere in the world when it detects sounds around its vicinity. Simply insert a GSM SIM card and set it to your desired phone number for call back and start spy your office or home from anywhere in the world!

Trying to find out the truth of what you are said behind you? Now you can, from anywhere in the world. Just insert a SIM card into the audio spy device, send a text message contains the activation word, (GDA), by your mobile phone, and then your bug is active and takes action!

Note: Check your GSM frequencies within your local where device is being used. Insert your Micro SD Card and included Blank SIM card for immediate operation. Later purchase GSM SIM Card to activate (use) all telephone calling features.

Product Notes:

Standby time: 48-60 hours.
Talking time: 1-1.5 hours.


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Micro Button Spy Camera Video Camcorder
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Product Description:

Micro Button Spy Camera Video Camcorder

This is a mini button spy camera, it features with real time recording in AVI video format and color voice video camera recorder. This micro spy camera also can take photos and deposit documents. Its 4GB Memory Card ao you can store videos and photos you like. it is so small that it can fit in side a chewing gum package, cigarette box, or to any button up shirt.


Color/voice video camera recorder
Take photo/Pictures


Capacity: 4GB
Real time recording in AVI video format, 320x240
Support take photo/pictures and video recorder
Video file size >500KB per min
Recording Mode: Continuous recording until memory is full or turn off automatic.
Adaptor type: USB adaptor charging cable,charge or download directly when plug into computer by the

Battery Type: Lithium-ion
Record Time: Up to 2 hours.
Dimension: 60mmx10mmx10mm
Net Weight: 18g(not inclued package and accessories)

Package Contains

1 x 4GB Button spy camera
1 x USB Wire
1 x Sensor Ring/Inductor Ring( used to turn on or off )
1 x Usage Manual
4 x Matching black buttons

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