Secure Case for SATA HDD
Secure Case for SATA HDD
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Sata Hard Drive Fingerprint Lock

High Lights:

  • Lock and unlock data with your fingerprint
  • Real-time encryption of the entire hard disk
  • Effectively detects fingerprints with scars, cuts, swelling or fingers that are too dry or wet


    Keep your important hard disk drive contents safe from prying eyes with this high-tech SATA HDD Enclosure using latest Biometric fingerprint locking technology.

    Data protection is one of the vital key features where portable data storage is concerned. With the ease of access that comes with portable storage, the threat of unauthorized access is an important concern for both businesses and individuals. Imagine a rival getting their hand on the data for your new project, or random strangers looking through pictures of you and your family.

    Basic Function: Place your SATA Hard Drive into the case and follow the included initialization set up procedures to register your fingerprint and add a password to the device. Then, you can encrypt individual (or all) files and folders on the hard drive, which will prompt for authorized fingerprints when opened. Decrypting is the same way and without either the authenticated fingerprints or master password; your HDD is completely secure and locked down! The protection is not only to encrypt/decrypt files, but also to protect them from unwanted deletion, renaming, duplication and moving.

    Have piece of mind knowing your data is always safe and encrypted.


  • Hardware Interface USB 2.0 (480Mbit/sec)
    Hard disk 2.5” SATA
    False Rejection Rate (FRR) 1/1,000
    False Acceptance Rate (FAR) 1/1,000,000
    Encryption Speed 1.6 Gbit/sec
    DES Key bits 256 bits
    Dimension 12.7(H) ×7.1(W) ×1.8(D) cm

    Package Contents:
    Fingerprint Locked 2.5 Inch SATA HDD Enclosure
    USB Cable
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