USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder
USB Flash Drive Audio Recorder
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In business you can never be too careful. With this handy spying gear device you will always be prepared for those unexpected times you need to make a record of a conversation or business transaction.

No software installation. No cables. No batteries. Just press one button and start recording. And with its innocent look as a USB flash drive, nobody will ever suspect that you are recording the conversation. When you finish, stick the flash drive into your computer to instantly listen to what's been recorded.

What's more, you can also use it to record meetings, press conferences, and talks with employees, lecturers and more - all with maximum ease and convenience.

At a fraction of cost of same class bulky spy gadgets, this Flash Drive Spy Audio Recorder is now available.


  • Up to 150 hours wav of Audio Recordings
  • Useful for both private and professional use
  • Easy-to-use
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